I was always a wheatish complexioned girl who  wanted to be fair. Ever since my teenage years, I have tried all sorts of creams, powders, soaps, oils, scrubs, tips, foods etc to get the skin colour I really wanted.  

Some of them worked well, some worked alright and some just didn’t work. 

This blog is my platform for sharing with others everything I have learnt about skin whitening from my experiences, trials and errors. 

You will get a good number of tips on natural skin whitening as well as reviews of creams, lotions, treatments, serums etc. 

A great number of skin whitening products are available for buyers and new ones are introduced regularly, leaving us all so very confused.

Along with a few friends, I will attempt to review all things skin-whitening and we will keep adding more as regularly as possible.

Please go through the posts on this site to find one that suits your requirements.

Your questions and feedback are most welcome.